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Stay Healthy With the Best at Home Dental Care Routine

January 2, 2021
Posted By: Bryant Anderson, DMD

Stay Healthy With the Best at Home Dental Care Routine

Here at Anderson Family Dental, we strive to keep our patients at peak oral health. We encourage you to keep up with your regular cleanings, avoid food and drinks that can damage your teeth, and treat cracks and cavities in a timely fashion. However, the cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums does not happen in our office. It happens at home!

Home Care Is Essential

While our team is dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy, we only see you every few months. The rest depends on our patients doing their part at home. In the time between visits, acids can eat away at your enamel and bacteria can make your gums inflamed.

One of the easiest ways to help your teeth stay healthy at home is to pay more attention to them! Have you ever taken a close look at your teeth? If not, get in there! Take a moment each day or several times per week to look closely at your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks. 

Keep an eye out for signs of problems such as:

  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums‚Äč
  • Bright white spots on the teeth
  • Cracks
  • Lesions on your lips, gums, tongue, or the floor of your mouth that don’t heal after two weeks.

Home Care Basics

Most of us know we’re supposed to brush twice every day and floss once every day. But most of us are also not batting 100. When’s the last time your hygienist asked if you’ve been flossing and you could proudly, and honestly say, “Yes I have!” (Trust me, it’s a great feeling.)

We’ll go into detail on brushing and flossing techniques in later blog posts, so make sure you keep a close eye on our website! For now, there are a few basic cornerstones of a great home care routine we want to review.

  1. Commit to brushing twice per day. It may sound arbitrary, but disrupting the bacterial colonies on your teeth once every twelve hours or so keeps your oral microbiome balanced and happy.
  2. Use a toothpaste with Fluoride. Natural toothpastes are great! As long as they contain Fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral just like calcium and magnesium. It reinforces the crystalline matrix of your enamel to prevent decay. And it stops sensitivity, too!
  3. Floss. Yeah, we know, you’ve heard it a million times. But seriously. Your toothbrush is inadequate for cleaning the surfaces between your teeth, which also happens to be where most cavities start. Once per day is the goal. If that sounds like too much, why not try Monday/Wednesday/Friday? Or set a goal to floss three teeth per day (just make sure you rotate). Whatever you can do to get some string in there.
  4. Mouthwash is a nice add-on, but not strictly necessary for most people. Most mouthwashes do one of two things: they either kill germs or strengthen your teeth. If swollen or inflamed gums tend to be your main problem, go for an antiseptic rinse. If you’re prone to cavities or have sensitive teeth, go for something with Fluoride in it.

It means so much that you trust our team with your oral health, and we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to keep you in peak condition. Just remember, your home care routine is the cornerstone to an amazing smile!

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