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3 Standouts about the Dental Implant Process

July 21, 2022
Posted By: Anderson Family Dental

Most routine dental procedures are relatively straightforward, especially where oral health maintenance and preventive dentistry are concerned. Your Winter Park dentist accomplishes routine cleanings, exams, and even dental fillings with the expertise to finish in one appointment.

But for more complicated conditions, such as damaged or compromised teeth, the dental professionals at Anderson Family Dental are skilled in providing one of the more extensive procedures, but one that provides the best and most long-lasting ways to replace one or more teeth: dental implants.

Though complicated, dental implants are undoubtedly worth it. Here are just three reasons to choose dental implants in Winter Park, Maitland, Orlando, Casselberry, Longwood, Oviedo, and Winter Springs.

#1 – High Tech Planning Goes into Dental Implant Procedures

One advantage of dental implants is their high rate of success, which we can attribute to precise planning. Once Dr. Anderson has determined dental implants are right for you, we take x-rays and other imagery. Then, we use hyper-accurate CBCT imaging and a custom 3-D printed guide for your implant placement.

#2 – Dental Implants Replace Teeth from the Roots Up

Another reason dental implants are considered the gold standard is that your body integrates your implant root into your jawbone. This process creates a stable and durable foundation that is closer to a natural tooth than any other teeth replacement option.

In addition, your implant is made from titanium, which is strong but also biocompatible. This means your body will not reject your implant, but instead incorporates it into your natural structure.

#3 – We Meet Your Unique Needs with Dental Implants

It’s easy for most people to visualize a single tooth replacement via a dental implant. The crown restoration connects via the abutment to your artificial root, and the process is complete.

But if you need to replace multiple teeth, we offer an implant-supported bridge to replace multiple adjacent teeth. Dental implant posts are sturdy so that you can replace more teeth with fewer implants. For example, we may provide complete implant-supported dentures with six to eight implants.

Learn More about Dental Implants in Winter Park, FL

Dental implant procedures may seem complicated, but the results are beyond comparison. Our team is always willing to discuss the procedure in detail. To learn more, we encourage you to call our Winter Park dental office today.

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