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Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Right For You?

Facing the prospect of total tooth loss can be incredibly discouraging. You may also be concerned about the future of your smile and your ability to enjoy your favorite foods comfortably.

Whether you’re struggling with failing dental health or traditional dentures that can’t keep up with your lifestyle, there may still be hope for your smile!

Drs. Bryant and Kathleen Anderson are proud to offer your smile renewed function and beauty with full mouth dental implants in Winter Park, FL. 

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Traditional dentures are a good option in many cases, but they have limits. They sit on top of the gums, held in place with suction. So they won’t stay in place under certain pressure such as biting into an apple.

Unfortunately, this leads to many denture wearers suffering from nutritional deficiencies because of a limited soft food diet.

They also need to be lightweight and are typically made from acrylic resin. While we can create a beautiful smile with these materials, they’re not as durable as heavier ceramics and don’t mimic the look of natural enamel. They can become stained, dull, and worn over time.

Full mouth dental implants are anchored directly into the arches of bone that once supported your natural teeth. With just a few strategically placed implant posts, we can restore full function to your bite. 

That means apples are back on the menu! Along with juicy steak, fresh salads, crunchy carrots, and all your favorite foods.

We use heavier, more durable materials to create full mouth dental implants. So they’ll look and feel like your own natural teeth, and resist stains and wear so you can love your smile for decades to come!


  • Restore 99% of normal biting function.

  • Rejuvenate the look of your smile with ideal aesthetics.

  • Prevent bone loss that can compromise the health of your jawbone and joints.

  • Protect your overall health and wellness with a full variety of foods.

  • Prevent changes to the shape of your face that can age your appearance.

  • Feel just like natural teeth; no acrylic covering the roof of your mouth.

  • Do not depend on saliva to stay in place, making them better for people with dry mouth.

  • Won’t shift, slip, or fall out.

  • Won’t rub and create painful sores.

  • Fit will not change over time, saving you thousands in long-term maintenance and replacements.

  • Help you enjoy the comfort and confidence of a healthy smile!


Step 1: Consultation

Just like every treatment at Anderson Family Dental, your full mouth dental implant process will start with a conversation. 

We want to understand your oral health journey and how your current dental condition affects your daily life. Are you struggling with dentures that limit your food choices? Have you been fighting a losing battle against periodontal disease? How do your teeth make you feel about your appearance?

We’ll discuss your full dental and medical history and perform a comprehensive examination. 

Step 2: Evaluating your unique case

Before we move forward, we need to determine if you’re a good candidate for full mouth dental implants. While today’s surgical technology makes dental implants an option for virtually all patients, some medical conditions can compromise your healing, so we’ll discuss the best way to move forward.

If you have active gum disease or infections, we may need to resolve those conditions before scheduling surgery.

We’ll collect detailed digital images using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. Our cone beam CT scanner will create a precision 3D computer model of the bone structure of your upper and lower arches. 

We’ll use these scans to plan every detail of your surgery to eliminate possible complications and provide ideal outcomes.

Step 3: Surgery

You’ll rest comfortably through every phase of your treatment with the right sedation option for your needs.

Ideal full mouth dental implant candidates have plenty of healthy bone structure to support their implant posts. However, we may be able to rebuild lost bone volume with grafts.

If you have unsalvageable teeth, we may need to remove those before proceeding. In some cases, we can place bone grafts or implant posts in the same appointment as your tooth extractions.

Once we’ve created an ideal foundation for your new smile, we’ll place your implant posts. Our streamlined approach to full mouth dental implants allows us to deliver ideal strength, stability, and esthetics, with only four to six implants. 

With strategic placement at carefully calculated angles to the bone, this efficient protocol minimizes your healing time.  This makes full mouth dental implants affordable without compromising the quality of your outcome.

Step 4: Healing and Final Restorations

Dental implants take several months to fully integrate into the bone tissue. However, the majority of that process is completely painless. Most patients report mild discomfort just for the first few days. 

We want you to enjoy your normal routine with confidence while you heal. So we’ll create a beautiful temporary prosthesis to wear until your final set of teeth is ready. In some cases, we may be able to modify your existing denture to function as your temporary restoration.

Once your implants have achieved ideal stability, you’ll return to our office to have your new smile seated. With each tooth custom-designed to match your skin tone, facial features, and the shape of your smile, you’ll be able to smile confidently for decades to come.


Affordability is one of the most attractive features of a traditional denture for many people. Even though full mouth dental implants cost more than traditional dentures initially, it’s important to consider the long-term expenses of each.

Because traditional dentures do not prevent bone loss, the shape of the gums will change over time. As the bone ridge shrinks, the denture will start to shift and rub more. Uncomfortable adhesives can help somewhat but aren’t ideal. 

Dr. Bryant Anderson, DMD

Dr. Bryant Anderson, DMD

Dr. Anderson also completed a Mastery program in Dental Sleep Medicine where he gained invaluable knowledge in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. He maintains membership in many dental organizations and has received his fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantology and his fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. READ MORE


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