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Dentures vs. Dental Implants: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Missing and severely damaged teeth can make it hard to live life to the fullest. 

Difficulty biting and chewing can take the joy out of eating. Feeling ashamed of your smile can affect your confidence and how others see you. Dental health problems can even impact your career and romantic life.

Whether you’re already missing teeth or you’re struggling with failing dental health, losing your teeth can feel discouraging and overwhelming. Understanding your tooth replacement options can help you feel more comfortable with restoring your smile so you can get back to enjoying life!

Let’s take a look at three methods for replacing your teeth.

looking at dental implants in mouth model


Most of us are all too familiar with the idea of leaving your teeth in a glass on the nightstand. Many people avoid addressing their failing dental health because they hate the idea of old-fashioned dentures. 

Traditional dentures sit over the soft tissue of an arch that is missing all the teeth. They are held in place by suction and require adequate saliva to stay in place.


  • Cost-effective option for people who cannot afford dental implants, or who need a temporary fix while they await a more permanent solution to tooth loss.

  • Adequate esthetics.

  • Do not require surgery.

  • Faster 


  • Lightweight acrylic material is more fragile than other options; may chip and break over time.

  • Cannot withstand full biting forces.

  • Significantly limit food choices and can lead to nutritional deficiencies

  • Allow the bone of your jaw to shrink, changing the shape of your face and compromising the fit of your denture.

  • Require adjustments, relines, and replacements as the shape of your tissue changes.

  • May click, shift, and fall out. May rub and cause sores.


If you want a removable option that will stay securely in place without shifting or rubbing, an implant-supported denture may be a good solution for you.

With just a few implant posts, Dr. Anderson can add significantly better stability and functionality to a removable prosthesis. In some cases, we may even be able to modify an existing denture to fit onto your implants, which is a great option for a temporary prosthesis while you wait for a more permanent restoration.


  • Flexibility of a removable option with the enhanced stability of dental implants.

  • Aren’t held in place by suction, so prosthesis can be lower profile than traditional dentures.

  • No uncomfortable adhesives.

  • Fit will remain secure and won’t become loose over time.

  • Much more functional than old fashioned dentures.


  • Moderately priced (more than a traditional denture, but less than fixed full mouth implants).

  • Requires surgery.

  • Healing takes time; not a quick fix.

  • Not as durable as fixed full mouth implants.


Permanently fixed full mouth dental implants are considered the gold standard solution to tooth loss. Their superior functionality and esthetics cannot be matched by other options.

Fortunately, you won’t need an individual implant for each missing tooth! In most cases we can replace your full set of teeth all on four to six dental implants.

Because they are permanently fixed, we can use heavier, harder, more durable materials such as zirconia to craft your restorations. These materials have the most natural-looking esthetics, meaning you’ll get a gorgeous smile that won’t lose its luster over time.


  • Restore up to 99% of normal biting function.

  • Virtually no limits on what foods you can eat. 

  • Prevent bone loss and preserve the youthful contours of your face as well as health of your jaw joint.

  • Resistant to stain, chips, fractures, and wear.

  • Minimal maintenance required. You’ll never have to leave your teeth in a glass.

  • Prosthesis will not cover the roof of your mouth, so they’ll feel most natural of any option.

  • Closest thing to having your own full set of healthy teeth again!


  • Superior function and esthetics come at a cost. (However, it’s worth noting that full mouth dental implants don’t need the intensive upkeep of traditional dentures, which saves money in the long run.)

  • Requires surgical placement of implant posts.

  • Healing takes time; not a quick fix.


We understand that failing dental health and missing teeth can leave you feeling discouraged and unsure about your future dental health.

As always, Anderson Family Dental is here to help you enjoy better quality of life through better oral health, including full mouth dental implants in Winter Park, FL. 

Because we offer comprehensive dental care including dental implants as well as custom-crafting your beautiful restorations, we can deliver your dream smile conveniently under one roof. 

If you’re hesitant about the process of getting dental implants, we have dental sedation, so you can rest comfortably throughout your dental implant procedure.

If you’re ready to rebuild your smile, schedule your dental implant consultation and we’ll walk you through all your options so you can feel completely confident that you’re getting the right treatment to suit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Get ready to start loving your smile!


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