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Same Day Crowns

Dental technology has surged ahead in recent years, giving you faster, more precise, and more comfortable procedures with vastly superior results. With today’s advanced dental instruments, Dr. Anderson is proud to offer same day crowns near you in Winter Park, FL! 

cerec machine making dental crown


The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. It refers to the process of crafting ceramic restorations (such as crowns) right here in our practice and placing them immediately.  

CEREC starts with comprehensive digital diagnostics. In place of old-fashioned x-rays, our 3D cone beam CT scanner creates a precise replica of your bones and teeth, giving us a detailed view of your anatomy. We pair these x-rays with digital impressions using a 3D intraoral scanner. This advanced camera means no more biting into uncomfortable goop to create a model of your teeth! Instead, the intraoral scanner captures hundreds of images of your teeth and gums, and assembles them into a digital model Dr. Anderson will use to craft your restorations. 

Digital impressions replicate not only the shape and position of your teeth and gums, but also the color! That means Dr. Anderson can match the shade and contours of your same day crowns so they blend perfectly with the surrounding teeth. 

Your restoration dentist will use powerful CAD/CAM technology to custom-design your restorations. CEREC can be used to create temporary restorations that will look great and function well so you can live your life while waiting for your final restorations. It can also produce strong, beautiful final results to give you your dream smile without the wait! Dr. Anderson puts special emphasis on healthy function and natural esthetics for every restoration he designs, so you will get a gorgeous final result that will last.


Just like any method for repairing teeth, there are some same-day crowns pros and cons. For the most part, same day crowns cost the same or less than crowns fabricated at an off-site lab. Because Dr. Anderson uses only the highest-quality E-max and zirconia, your final restorations will have superior strength and natural-looking esthetics. That means your same-day crowns will last just as long as traditional crowns.

CEREC can be used to fabricate any number of restorations with just as much success as an off-site lab. We use same-day crowns to restore most dental implants and can even fabricate some dental bridges in our office while you wait, too!

However, we believe in doing what it takes to be sure you get superior results that will look great and last as long as possible. There are certain cases where traditional crowns will give you better results than same-day crowns. For example, if your restoration is best suited for materials like gold, or if you need a large bridge consisting of several teeth. While CEREC crowns are good for molars, we sometimes opt for lab-created crowns for back teeth, depending on the specifics of your case. Likewise, because the external lab has a greater variety of shades available, we frequently send away cases with hard-to-match esthetics. 

Dr. Anderson will discuss all potential treatment options with you to create a plan that suits your clinical needs, smile goals, and budget. Whether that means same day crowns or lab crowns, you’ll get the care you need!


Same-day crowns have tons of advantages. First and foremost, same-day crowns are convenient! In the past, you would need to wait several days, or sometimes a few weeks to receive your restorations. With CEREC crowns, you’ll leave with your gorgeous, functional new smile right away. 

Getting a same-day crown is comfortable, too. Because we use an intraoral scanner to create a digital model of your teeth, you won’t have to deal with the uncomfortable old-fashioned trays full of goop. Instead, you can relax comfortably while we wave our magic wand and create incredibly precise digital renderings of your teeth and gums.

At Anderson Family Dental, we believe everyone deserves affordable dental crowns without sacrificing the quality of their care. As mentioned earlier, the cost of same-day crowns is comparable to traditional crowns, and sometimes even less. Because we have full oversight throughout the entire process of designing and fabricating your crowns, we can ensure you get only the highest quality materials, crafted into same day crowns and bridges that meet our exacting standards.

In short, same-day CEREC crowns can give you a more comfortable procedure, faster results, and affordable crowns and bridges, all right here in our office in Winter Park! Don’t put off the care you need another day. Schedule your crown and bridge consultation today and find out if same-day crowns are right for you!


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