Root Canals

The root canal has an unfortunate and untrue reputation. It is not a painful undertaking, as rumors suggest, but a pain-relieving and tooth-saving treatment. Without root canal therapy, your dentist would have to extract root-infected teeth, leaving you in need of tooth replacement.

At Anderson Family Dental, Dr. Bryant Anderson offers gentle root canal treatment to reduce your pain and restore your oral health.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

A root canal means you have a root infection or tooth trauma that requires root canal therapy.

Signs include:

  • Tooth sensitivity or tooth pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Blister on the gum
  • Swelling of the face or jaw

If you notice any of these oral health changes, it is essential to reach out to our dental office. A root infection can go from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful within hours. And we do not want you to suffer a toothache.

Occasionally, you experience no pain with a root infection, which means the nerve is damaged or your infection is only beginning. Dr. Anderson finds the root infection during a routine exam, which is one of the reasons preventive dentistry is so crucial.

It’s important to remember that dental health conditions can mimic one another, so make sure you see your dentist in Winter Park if you notice oral health changes.

Diagnosing and Treating Root Infection

We rely on CBCT imaging to help diagnose and plan your root canal treatment. This is a modern digital technology that allows for safer radiographs compared with traditional x-rays.

If Dr. Anderson diagnosis a root infection, he gently numbs the area and removes the infected tissue with rotary or reciprocating endodontic instruments. The technology allows for a faster, less jarring, and more precise treatment. If you have had root canal therapy in the past without this technology, we would love to introduce you to the rotary endodontics difference.

After your dentist removes the pain-causing tissues, we close with a temporary filling. After healing, you will come in for a permanent filling or a dental crown to better support the tooth.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers your tooth to the gumline. It is always designed to match your surrounding teeth.

Our family dentist in Winter Park, FL is the gentlest around, but if you need a little extra reassurance, ask Dr. Anderson about our relaxation and sedation options.

Preventing Root Infections and Tooth Trauma

The best way to prevent oral health conditions, including root infections, is through preventive dentistry. Routine dental exams and teeth cleanings play a crucial role in your long-term oral health.

Additionally, it’s important to brush and floss at least twice per day.

If you grind and clench your teeth, a nightguard is vital to prevent breakage and subsequent infection. And if you play sports, make sure to wear the proper protective face gear and mouthguard.

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