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Composite Fillings

To prevent further decay, a cavity must be treated and filled.  Rather than using unsightly fillings that draw attention, we offer tooth-colored fillings and dental bondings at our Winter Park, FL practice

Composite Fillings

Are you concerned that you have a cavity? Our Winter Park dental office provides composite fillings for teeth affected by cavities, tooth decay or other trauma. Drs. Bryant and Kathleen Anderson want you to have a smile you can be proud of, and our composite fillings offer a more natural, tooth-colored appearance than other materials.

cavity face

Treating Tooth Decay


It can be difficult to detect tooth decay on your own. It tends to start small; it can also start between teeth. Because cavities are easy to miss, it is essential to visit your Winter Park dentist on schedule. The sooner we treat the decay, the better chance you have of preventing a deep root cavity or losing your tooth.


Treating tooth decay is a simple process. Our dentists will make you feel comfortable with anesthetic. You may ask the dentist about sedation dentistry options, if you feel concerned about the procedure. 



Our dentist will next, prepare the tooth by cleaning out any decay and then filling it with the composite material. Our goal at Anderson Family Dental is for you to have a comfortable experience during your procedure. 

Dental Bonding

The same composite resin we use to create tooth-colored fillings can also bond your teeth, which is an inexpensive way to upgrade your smile dramatically.

Tooth bonding can be used to correct the following concerns:

Conceal chips or cracks in your teeth

Cover tooth discoloration

Close gaps and spaces between our teeth

Change the shape of your teeth

Tooth bonding is minimally invasive and cost effective compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. 

dentbond smile

Lowering Your Risks for Cavities

Most people will have a cavity at some point in their lives. However, there are steps you can take to lower your risks.​

Brush & Floss at least twice each day

Reduce sugary or acidic food and drinks.  If you do indulge, add another brush and floss session.

Visit the dentist on schedule for checkups.  Our dentists can detect small issues before they become costly problems.

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