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At Anderson Family Dental, we believe that technology should contribute to patient comfort, patient safety, excellent diagnostics, and superior outcomes. And we are proud of the technologies that we offer because they tick these boxes. 

Your well-being, comfort, outcome, and trust mean everything to us. 

To learn more about some of our technologies, read through the selections below, and contact a dental team member if you have any questions. 

Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions

Traditionally, dentists took imprints of your teeth using a goopy material that was choky and uncomfortable. At Anderson Family Dental, we want to give our patients the best dental experience possible, so we have tossed the goopy material in favor of digital impressions. 

With digital impressions, we rely on a small digital sensor to take comfortable impressions of your oral structure. It is safe, easy, and comfortable. 

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

We offer CEREC technology in our Winter Park dental office. This means same-day dental crowns for our patients!

Typically, patients wait a week or two to receive their crown from an off-site dental lab after goopy impressions are taken in the dental office. At Anderson Family Dental, we rely on digital impressions. And we create your crown right here in our own onsite lab while you wait.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays produce clear and resizable images for your dentist, which aids in diagnostics. For you, this technology means a safer radiograph. 

Today's digital x-rays emit far less radiation; no more than if you took a ten-minute stroll on a sunny day. 

Digital x-rays are also better for the environment because there are no harsh chemicals involved!

3-D Cone Beam

Our 3-D Cone Beam

This x-ray innovation allows your Winter Park dentist to look at your oral structure in a three-dimensional view. And it relies on digital imaging for a safer radiograph compared with traditional x-rays.

This technology produces superior images that are resizable for superior diagnostics and treatment planning. With 3-D cone beam imaging, Dr. Anderson can arrange complex procedures, including dental implant therapy, bone grafting, root canals, and more. He can also diagnose nonspecific issues that cause pain or other oral health problems. 

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces equal a quieter and less jarring dental experience for you. 

This technology means quiet dental tools that allow you to relax during treatment. Electric handpieces are as precise as they are quiet, which means you can listen to music, snuggle with one of our blankets and neck pillows, and relax during your dental appointment. 

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras allow you to see images from inside your mouth. Your dentist in Winter Park uses a small ink-pen sized camera to take these pictures, and he can show them to you on a chairside monitor. 

This allows you to make informed decisions about your oral health, and it allows your dentist to better explain why he recommends specific treatment options or procedures for your oral care.

Sedation Dentistry

At Anderson Family Dental, your comfort is our priority, and we never want anxiety to keep you from seeing the dentist, which is why we offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation. 

Nitrous oxide is a relaxation gas that's administered through a nasal mask. The effects wear off immediately when the mask is removed. 

Oral sedation is a pill you take approximately one hour before treatment. You can follow instructions from your dentist but may not recall your procedure. With this option, you will need transportation to and from our dental office. 

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