Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever avoided your six-month teeth cleaning and exam because you have a fear of the dentist? Would you rather put off the dental treatment you need, such as having a cavity filled or getting a new tooth crown than brave your local dentist’s office? If so, you are not alone.

Alarming numbers of adults throughout America and across the world report having a moderate or severe fear of the dentist. Unfortunately, this fear often stops them from getting the oral health care their smiles need to thrive. Many people who live with dental anxiety eventually visit their dentist but have a negative experience because of their fear, leaving them feeling stressed, scared, and unwilling to go back. 

Here at Anderson Family Dental, we believe in a different approach to dentistry. We work hard to ensure every patient who visits our Winter Park dentist office has access to safe, gentle, and stress-free dental treatment. If you’re struggling with how to overcome your dental anxiety and access the care you need, we’re pleased to offer sedation dentistry as a solution.

What is sedation dentistry?

The term “sedation dentistry” refers to medical methods dentists use to help patients relax and feel at ease during their dental treatment. Sedation dentistry comes in multiple forms, the most well-known probably being nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” 

If you need dental sedation in Winter Park, FL, you can work with your dental team to decide which type is right for you. The best part of sedation dentistry is that the effects wear off shortly after treatment, and there are no lasting sensations. 

Why should I choose sedation dentistry? 

Dental sedation helps people who are otherwise too afraid to visit the dentist to receive the care and treatment they need without going to extreme measures or having post-dental trauma. Approved dental sedatives are affordable, safe, and easy to access. 

Although it does not put you fully to sleep, dental sedation helps you feel calm, relaxed, and anxiety-free during your treatment. You can use sedation dentistry for something as simple as a routine teeth cleaning or for more involved procedures such as tooth crowns and cavity fillings.

Some benefits of Winter Park sedation dentistry include:

  • A sensation of feeling distant and far away from your dental treatment, thereby reducing your anxiety or any in-office stress you might feel
  • Little or no memory of your dental visit, which helps you feel less anxious about future visits
  • Temporary effects that wear off almost immediately after you leave the dental chair and don’t leave you with dangerous or negative side effects 
  • Usage that’s completely safe and trusted by dentists

Whether you prefer oral dental sedation in the form of a pill, or laughing gas sedation dentistry, you can choose a method that will help you revisit the dentist without fear.

How can I learn more about sedation dentistry?

If you’re considering dental sedation or wonder if it might be right for your situation, our Winter Park dentist is happy to discuss your options with you. Whether you need to take a sedative before visiting our dental office or would like to use an in-chair treatment, we have what you need to feel safe and relaxed during your dental appointment.

To get started, please contact our clinical team at Anderson Family Dental today by calling (407) 644-5454.