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Facial Rejuvenation with BOTOX®

When many people think about reducing their wrinkles and restoring firm, youthful skin with BOTOX®, their first thought may be to call their dermatologist. 

Let’s take a close look at how facial rejuvenation with BOTOX® makes a perfect addition to your routine dental care!

woman receiving Botox injections at dentist

Busting BOTOX® Myths

MYTH: BOTOX will freeze your face and make it impossible to make any expressions.

FACT: “Frozen” and expressionless faces happen because of a BOTOX overdose (which will wear off over time, but it’s annoying in the meantime). With Dr. Anderson’s experience, expertise, and conservative approach, you won’t be left with a frozen face.


MYTH: Once you start taking care of wrinkles with BOTOX you have to keep doing it or the wrinkles will get worse.

FACT: BOTOX naturally wears off after several weeks to a few months, and your face will slowly return to its previous appearance as you go back to your habitual movements.


MYTH: The injections are painful!

FACT: Most people experience very little to no discomfort at all. Unlike many shots, the needle used to administer BOTOX is so thin you’ll barely feel it!


MYTH: BOTOX is only for women.

FACT: Absolutely not! Anyone can benefit from the therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of BOTOX.


MYTH: BOTOX is dangerous.

FACT: BOTOX was FDA approved for facial rejuvenation and other clinical purposes in 1989! That’s over 30 years of experience, research, and millions of satisfied patients who have benefitted from BOTOX. The extremely low dose and localized application that doesn’t spread to other areas of the body make BOTOX safe and effective.

As you can see, BOTOX is a safe and effective way any patient can enjoy refreshed skin without a frozen face. What else can BOTOX do for your smile?


Feeling confident in your smile is a big deal. It can change how others see you and significantly improve your emotional and psychological wellbeing. You deserve a smile that makes you feel great!

A great smile starts with beautiful teeth, but your full smile involves your entire face. BOTOX can tighten your skin tone, help your eyes look brighter and more awake by lifting the brow line, shrink pores and smooth out your skin texture, and of course help eliminate wrinkles. Many people also notice their skin looks more uniform and even seems to have a youthful glow.

Beyond the benefits to your skin, BOTOX can also directly affect the shape of your smile. For example, we can strategically target the muscles that lift your upper lip to relieve a gummy smile.

BOTOX can also shrink overdeveloped chewing muscles, helping the face look slimmer and less angular. Even if you’re not having other symptoms of bruxism grinding and clenching habits can enlarge the biting muscles near the angles of the jaw. When those muscles stick out, it can make your face look more masculine, bottom-heavy, or uneven.

Therapeutic BOTOX to treat grinding and clenching helps those heavy closing muscles shrink, creating more harmony to the shape of your face.

BOTOX can also help the look of your smile by calming muscles that pull down on the corners of your mouth and engage the front of your neck (platysmal bands). This helps your smile look softer and less like a grimace while also decreasing wrinkles in the neck and sometimes even decreasing the appearance of “jowls.”


Dentists arguably know the nerves, muscles, and anatomy of the face, neck, and head better than most other healthcare professionals. Through dental school and advanced training, we master even the most minute nerves and muscles, so we know exactly where they are and how they interact with each other.

That means we know the most efficient areas to place your BOTOX injections, so you get the most benefit at the lowest possible dose. 

Beyond our expertise in the musculature of the face and neck, we’re uniquely qualified to incorporate BOTOX into a holistic approach to creating your dream smile. As part of your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, we can take your full smile into account to create harmony and balance.

Then there’s the therapeutic benefits as well! As dental healthcare professionals, we can ease headaches, tooth grinding, muscle pain in the head and neck, and many other problems. 

Because we can take a comprehensive approach to your full smile and therapeutic needs, dentists can ensure you get the most benefit from your BOTOX.


If you’ve ever wondered if BOTOX could help you feel refreshed and more confident, we would love to discuss your concerns and smile goals. Don’t hesitate to schedule a BOTOX consultation in Winter Park, FL, right here in the same comfortable practice you already know and love.

We have the expertise and experience to help you enjoy facial rejuvenation and a beautiful, youthful smile, from top to bottom!


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